Mel Schwartz, LCSW

#057: Detox Your Mind

Listen as Mel describes both why, and how, we must remember to detox our minds as well as our bodies, clearing negative and repetitive thoughts and regaining control of our potential.

#007: Breaking Free From Imprisoning Thoughts

In this episode, Mel teaches us how our old beliefs and thoughts trap us in the past, setting up our struggle with change. He shares… Continue reading #007: Breaking Free From Imprisoning Thoughts

Stuck in a Groove

For those of us old enough to remember vinyl records, we might recall that when there was a scratch on the album, the needle would… Continue reading Stuck in a Groove

What Informs Your Belief?

While I was in the midst of delivering a somewhat provocative talk on the subject of change, a gentleman in the audience indicated that he… Continue reading What Informs Your Belief?