Mel Schwartz, LCSW

Being Heard: Breaking Through the Impasse

In my last post, Silence: A Relationship Killer, we explored the ruinous consequences that intentional silence has on relationships. Silence is antithetical to healthy communicating.… Continue reading Being Heard: Breaking Through the Impasse

What Informs Your Belief?

While I was in the midst of delivering a somewhat provocative talk on the subject of change, a gentleman in the audience indicated that he… Continue reading What Informs Your Belief?

The 5% Rule

Learning to remain present and not get drawn into the right or wrong argument requires a willful intention to come out of the groove of… Continue reading The 5% Rule

Shared Meaning

We take for granted that our words convey exactly what we intend them to. This is a particularly misinformed assumption. I have observed that upon… Continue reading Shared Meaning

The Land of Babel

In my therapy practice my attention is often focused upon clarity of communication. It’s the cornerstone of successful relationships and a subject that was glaringly… Continue reading The Land of Babel