Mel Schwartz, LCSW

Igniting Your Change Process

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You might not get to live life over, but you can change your life from this moment forward if you like… but how? Learn the techniques to break free from your personal status quo.

Emotional Nonviolence

We’ve all heard about the nonviolence movement eschewing physical violence. In this article, I make the case for emotional nonviolence, and show how it can be achieved.

The Perils of Progress

There’s no question human beings have progressed across the centuries… but are we advancing in the ways that truly enrich and enhance our humanity?

Getting Beyond “How Does That Make You Feel?”

“How does that make you feel?” is almost a therapy cliche. Mel Schwartz explains why moving beyond feelings leads to truly effective therapy.

#122 The Inner Path of Leadership

In another cross-posting of the blog and podcast, Mel reveals the three pillars of singular, excellent leadership. The podcast includes a conversation with therapist Catheryn Leff on the origins of her own leadership style.

#121 How Wealth Can Negatively Impact Relationships

In a special cross-posting of the blog and podcast, the focus is on how wealth can often be detrimental to healthy interpersonal and familial relationships.

Over-Simplifying Equals Dumbing Down

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Either / or thinking leads to stagnation, while embracing complexity brings clarity of thought. Read to discover how our relationships evolve once we free ourselves from the need to be right.

Can Our Relationship Be Repaired?

This very question highlights the problem One of the primary problems in relationships arises from how we envision our relationships. Conventional advice on relationships and… Continue reading Can Our Relationship Be Repaired?

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Transcending Anxiety

The most important relationship you’ll ever have is with your thoughts. Thoughts script your experience of life. When thoughts attach to fear, the result is… Continue reading Transcending Anxiety

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The Problem with Perfection

In recent years, I’ve treated increasing numbers of individuals who are driven to distraction through their pursuit of perfection.  The desire to be perfect traps… Continue reading The Problem with Perfection