Mel Schwartz, LCSW

#057: Detox Your Mind

As we concern ourselves with cleansing and purifying our bodies to be rid of unhealthy elements and habits, so too must we remember to detox our mind as well. In episode 057 of the Possibility Podcast with Mel Schwartz, psychotherapist Mel Schwartz (author of The Possibility Principle, the companion to this podcast) explains what it means to detox your mind, and how to go about it.

Listen to discover…

  • how our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings affect our brain chemistry
  • why we become addicted to limiting or negative thoughts
  • how personal beliefs and thoughts can become self-fulfilling prophesies, for good or for ill
  • the central themes of your limiting thoughts and beliefs
  • what you can do to keep limiting thoughts and beliefs from running the script of your life
  • how old thought defends its territory and robs us of new experiences, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings
  • a pro-active definition of “thinking” that will help you detox your mind
  • exercises you can do every day to free yourself from old, repetitive thoughts

Detox your mind, and share the results in the comments!

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