Mel Schwartz, LCSW

#134 The Power of Mind

The Possibility Podcast #134 presents another look at the potential and power of our minds, as well as how we differentiate between mind, brain, and thought.

#133 Possibility and Quantum Physics

The Possibility Podcast #133 is another bonus episode, this time featuring Mel Schwartz in conversation with Christian de la Huerta from the Leaders Transforming Global Consciousness Summit 2022.

#132 Quantum Physics and Psychotherapy

The Possibility Podcast #132 is a bonus episode featuring Mel Schwartz in conversation with Dwight Hurst on The Broken Brain podcast.

#131 Do You Nurture Yourself?

In The Possibility Podcast episode 131, we look at why it’s important to have a nurturing, caring, positive relationship with ourselves, and how our view of ourselves affects how we see others, and how they see us.

#130 The Rewards of Positive Aging

Embracing the rewards of aging can quite literally help keep us young in every way save the chronological. Learn the advantages and benefits of positive aging to help you achieve this healthy perspective.

#129 So Do You Think We Have Free Will?

What is free will? What are the implications if it doesn’t exist? Listen as I argue for free will from a holistic perspective central to my own commitment to help you escape the influences of your past experience in order to embrace possibility and live a rich and fulfilling life.

#128 Awakening Your Relationships

Let’s talk about the way the mindless programming of the everyday desecrates our ability to be present and authentic in our relationships with others and ourselves. What can we do to break free from reactionary, transactional, reductionist routine and reawaken our sense of wonder?

#127 For the Sake of the Children

In The Possibility Podcast 127, the spotlight is on the expression “for the sake of the children.” Do we really stay in unhappy marriages out of concern for our children? Is it really so good for them?

#126 The Pathway to Your Change Process

Episode 126 of the Possibility Podcast presents a new way of approaching how to change the direction of your life through willful intention.

#125 A Quantum Perspective on Romantic Relationships

In this episode, romantic relationships, including how and why we fall in and stay in love, are explored through the lens of quantum physics.