Mel Schwartz, LCSW

Emotional Nonviolence

We’ve all heard about the nonviolence movement eschewing physical violence. In this article, I make the case for emotional nonviolence, and show how it can be achieved.

#107 Emotional Rucking

Episode 107 of the Possibility Podcast explores the burden of emotional rucking, what it means, and how you can take that load off and achieve emotional resiliency.

#028: The Damage Done by What Goes Unspoken

Host Mel Schwartz explores how not speaking up in relationships of all kinds can result in stagnation, self-fulfilling prophesies, and default mutual misunderstanding.

Real Esteem

Self-worth, self-esteem. What do they really mean? Being rich, being popular, Great grades, being followed, Captain of the team Still leave you hollow   It… Continue reading Real Esteem

#010: The Inner Path of Leadership

In this episode Mel shares the inner path to cultivating your leadership abilities. He proposes that leaders aren’t necessarily born as leaders. We can learn… Continue reading #010: The Inner Path of Leadership

#006: Raising Resilient Children

Mel says, “As a culture we tend to focus on the achievement and success of our children but omit something far more important; their resilience.”… Continue reading #006: Raising Resilient Children

Becoming Your Authentic Self

What does it mean for someone to be truly authentic? And how many people do you know actually fit that description? Do you feel that… Continue reading Becoming Your Authentic Self

Rethinking Relationships

One of the primary problems we encounter in our relationships is due to how we envision them. Conventional advice regarding relationships and intimacy often reads like a… Continue reading Rethinking Relationships

#004: Getting Past the Argument — Why Is It So Important to Be Right?

The compulsion to be “right,” the need to win the argument, can be mind-numbing. This tendency withers our relationships. Mel Schwartz asks the question, “Would… Continue reading #004: Getting Past the Argument — Why Is It So Important to Be Right?

“Who am I?” Is the Wrong Question to Ask Yourself

Many of us ask ourselves the age-old question, “Who am I?“This question presumes there might be a plausible answer, as if our identity could- or should be-… Continue reading “Who am I?” Is the Wrong Question to Ask Yourself