The Possibility Podcast Episode 006: Raising Resilient Children

Mel says, “As a culture we tend to focus on the achievement and success of our children but omit something far more important; their resilience.”

In this episode, Mel describes what he means by the word resilience, which he says is the source of our children’s well-being. He explains that the parenting rulebook — as we know it — fails us. Assisting our offspring to develop emotional intelligence is best accomplished by sharing more of our own life narrative, not just the good but our challenges as well.

Mel shares a compelling narrative about his own son regarding grades and motivation, and has a call-in from an educational counselor. He proposes that the intense pressure we put on children to perform academically at young ages is akin to unintentional child abuse. He highlights the path for nurturing your children to develop authentic self-esteem.

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