Mel Schwartz, LCSW

#127 For the Sake of the Children

In The Possibility Podcast 127, the spotlight is on the expression “for the sake of the children.” Do we really stay in unhappy marriages out of concern for our children? Is it really so good for them?

#120 I Am Enough

The Possibility Podcast 120 features an interview with somatic healing coach and trauma recovery specialist Ilene Smith, author of Moving Beyond Trauma.

#96 Transcending Trauma — Defining Wave Collapses

In this 96th episode of The Possibility Podcast with Mel Schwartz, we hear the inspiring story of a special guest who transcended decades of trauma and tragedy to define the life she wants to live.

#006: Raising Resilient Children

Mel says, “As a culture we tend to focus on the achievement and success of our children but omit something far more important; their resilience.”… Continue reading #006: Raising Resilient Children

Collapsing The Wave: Creating New Realities

Some of the remarkable discoveries from quantum physics can be adapted to help us break free from the groove of our past and unleash real… Continue reading Collapsing The Wave: Creating New Realities