Mel Schwartz, LCSW

Turning Financial Crisis into Opportunity

As a psychotherapist, I have worked with many individuals who are high powered, high income Wall Streeters. Even in the best of times, many of… Continue reading Turning Financial Crisis into Opportunity

Keep it Vibrating

A Recent New York Times science article informed that if concrete is kept vibrating, it won’t become set and retains a liquid form. This concept… Continue reading Keep it Vibrating

Do not measure thyself!

In my work as a psychotherapist I often see individuals who are plagued by a relentless measuring of themselves. These people carry on an internal… Continue reading Do not measure thyself!

The Familiar Zone

What we refer to as our comfort zone becomes at times not quite so comfortable, as it is familiar. Old habits and behaviors that we… Continue reading The Familiar Zone

Uncertainty: Our Great Liberator

Certainty and predictability, the dominant motifs of Newton’s worldview are deeply rooted in our culture and in our thinking. These deterministic features are sought after… Continue reading Uncertainty: Our Great Liberator