Mel Schwartz, LCSW

#117 The Myth of Objectivity

In The Possibility Podcast with Mel Schwartz 117, Mel reveals the uncommon sense that objectivity is impossible, and describes the benefits of a more interconnected, subjective worldview.

#110 The Inhumanity of Being Invisible

In The Possibility Podcast 110, Mel Schwartz shares an anecdote that inspires an exploration of compassion, awareness, and getting back to what makes us human.

A Radical Reality

To this day, quite possibly the most provocative, if not astounding, discovery of modern science remains relatively obscure to the general public. This is, perhaps,… Continue reading A Radical Reality

Beyond the mind-body connection

People who are holistically minded often refer to the mind-body connection. They are suggesting that they have discovered a conduit between our mental and physical… Continue reading Beyond the mind-body connection