Mel Schwartz, LCSW

Real Esteem

Self-worth, self-esteem.

What do they really mean?

Being rich, being popular,

Great grades, being followed,

Captain of the team

Still leave you hollow


It makes you wanna cry

U play the game, gain it all, and still you fail

Cause it ain’t from self,


If you chase what’s out there, not in here,

It isn’t genuine– it’s other esteem

Real self esteem

That’s the new meme

It means I don’t hide, I don’t disguise

No disguise, no masks, no faking, no armor on me to protect

No judge of me– not you–not me.


So, acting strong is weak

And being me is the tweak

Why should I fret what you think of me?

That my people is fake esteem

Real esteem means I’m cool with me

Hope you dig me but in case you don’t

I’m still chill to be me.

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Jordy Levastois


Matthew Selznick

I’m so happy you found this helpful Jordy.

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