The Possibility Podcast With Mel Schwartz Episode 023: Bonus Episode ~ Mel on the Sounds True Podcast

In this bonus episode, Tami Simon of the Sounds True podcast Insights at the Edge interviews Mel on a wide variety of topics related to and inspired by his book The Possibility Principle.

Mel particularly enjoyed the challenging, in-depth, probing questions posed to him by host (and Sounds True publisher) Tami Simon. You will, too!

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  1. ROB TWO HAWKS says:

    Great back & forth with Tami! Post trauma(..and very unwillingly) I was pulled into the Quantum in the form of the Collective Unconscious.Later,via years of the shamanic process it became a very directed,conscious journey.What I so appreciate about your work and your book Mel is how you translate this so beautifully into this,more immediate time & space world(…what the shaman would term the ”Middle World”).Jung would also nod in the positive…


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