Mel Schwartz, LCSW

#056: Mid-Life Crisis? Mid-Life Opportunity!

The fifty sixth episode is all about understanding the opportunity available to you in the midst of a mid-life “crisis.”

A mid-life crisis can occur at any point in our lives — when, after all, is mid-life?

But is it truly a crisis? Listen as Mel explains…

  • why others might label your experience a “crisis” when they see you coming out of the familiar zone and breaking with conformity
  • the definition of “crisis,” including inherent transformational elements
  • how a mid-life crisis can be an opportunity to face — and overcome — challenges, evolve, and grow
  • why too much order and predictability can stifle creativity and your potential for growth
  • the difference between external crises and a mid-life crisis… and how both can be instruments of positive transformation
  • the reward of resilience awaiting those who frame crisis as opportunity

Have you had a “mid-life crisis” that proved to be a transformative, positive opportunity? Leave a comment!

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