Mel Schwartz, LCSW

#027: How To Change People’s Minds

Trying to change people’s minds remains a frustrating and failure-ridden experience. When we argue facts and truths, our words tend to fall on deaf ears. No one wants to be wrong, and so a rigidity of mind sets in.

The way to open another person to rethinking their position is to talk about beliefs, rather than facts.

What facts we choose to look at are the result of our beliefs and biases. Our beliefs come from our family of origin, our experiences, and our close affiliations. Beliefs are amenable to reconsideration.

In this episode, Mel shares how you can have a generative discussion and open others to new thinking by avoiding facts and talking beliefs.

Show Notes

In the context of the episode, Mel mentions a former white supremacist whose mind was changed after his experiences in college. The man’s name is Derek Black. Eli Saslow wrote a book about Black’s transformation, Rising Out of Hatred.

Mel also mentioned his 5% Rule. Here is the article on the subject, and here is the podcast episode.

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