Mel Schwartz, LCSW

Staying Resilient and Manifesting New Possibilities in the Time of Pandemic: An Interactive Zoom Workshop

Wednesday 05/13/2020 3:00 PM – 4:15 EDT
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Join author, psychotherapist, and 2xTEDX Speaker, Mel Schwarz to learn about a path to resilience using oneness philosophies.

What could be more essential in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic than learning to cultivate your emotional, psychological and spiritual resilience? Resilience is the bedrock of our ability to navigate these daunting times.

The path to resilience is found in our relationship with our thoughts.  The only thing in life that we can, and should, try to control is our thoughts. In this talk, Mel Schwartz will be sharing his techniques for transcending fear and anxiety through a mastery of thinking. These methods are a major theme of his new book, The Possibility Principle: How Quantum Physics Can Improve the Way You Think, Live and Love.

This interactive Zoom conference will introduce a new way of looking at self-care, which benefits us not only now through this crisis, but throughout our lives. Mel will be sharing another of his primary principles: how embracing uncertainty opens the doorway to new possibilities. Additionally Mel will be speaking to the concept of oneness, which nurtures us as individuals and as a community. This deeper level of connectivity enhances empathy and compassion.

“The most important relationship you will ever have isn’t with your parents, isn’t with your children, isn’t with your spouse or closest friends. The relationship that will impact you far more than any other is with your thoughts. They are your constant companion.” –The Possibility Principle

Join us and learn how to:

  • Break free from the imprisonment of old, limiting thoughts
  • Overcome anxiety by embracing uncertainty
  • Develop a more nurturing relationship with self
  • Release the beliefs that narrow your life experience
  • Find your inner voice to enable a deeper nurturing of self
  • Utilize the uncertainty principle to summon new possibilities

Mel Schwartz is a psychotherapist, marriage counselor, 2xTEDx speaker, and author of The Possibility Principle. He earned his graduate degree from Columbia University.

Mel has integrated key principles from quantum physics into an accessible method for living a fearless and resilient life.

Mel has been a keynote speaker at Yale University, Smilow Wellness Yale New Haven Hospital. and 92Y in NYC. He has written over 100 articles read by more than 4 million people, and his podcast, The Possibility Podcast, has been listened to in over 60 countries. Mel’s TEDx talk, Breaking Free from Anxiety, is nearing 500,000 views, and he has been interviewed extensively on television, radio, and podcasts.

Mel practices in Westport, CT and virtually with people everywhere.

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