The Possibility Podcast Episode 002: Love Isn’t All You Need

In this second episode of the Possibility Podcast, Mel Schwartz explores the nature of love.

Unlike the Beatles song, “All You Need Is Love,” Mel explains that we need much more. We need to understand how to sustain love.

This episode explores the phenomenon of romantic love; how it begins and why it tends to wither.  Mel proposes that love and passion need not die, but that we are basically illiterate in knowing how to succeed in this venture. We were never schooled in emotional and verbal intimacy, but these can be easily learned.

This episode looks at the nature of communication and what is required to foster empathy and validation, the bedrock of Eros. As he says, “It’s easy to say I love you, but challenging to act lovingly when we really need to.”

For the first time on the podcast, Mel takes calls from two individuals in which he answers their questions regarding emotional reactivity and why we shouldn’t put our best foot forward in the early stages of relationship. In his conversations with his guests, Mel explains the nature of authenticity, which is essential for resilient relationships.

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