Mel Schwartz, LCSW

#029: Bonus Episode — How Do You Want to Experience Your Life?

In this bonus episode, Dr. Elizabeth Cronin of the New Books Network podcast New Books in Psychology interviews Mel on the principles and concepts of his book The Possibility Principle.

In the discussion, Mel and Elizabeth conjure radical new ways  of thinking and communicating that enable us to prosper in our relationship with others and with ourselves. They engage in a riveting and provocative discussion about how we can rethink reality and how we choose to experience our lives.

Over the course of an hour, Mel shares insights and techniques culled from over a quarter century practicing psychotherapy and marriage counseling.

If you enjoy far out of the box thinking, this show is for you!

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Refreshing,as always! Thanks Mel for helping to break-down the separating ”silos-of-thought”.Functional & integrative medicine are moving there in the health arena & your work definitely contributes to the psychological expansion.Looking forward to seeing what you create with your upcoming Zoom classes.Being of a very shamanic mindset….your Quantum Possibility approach is very appealing.Thank you….

Mel Schwartz

thanks Rob!..Where do you live?

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