Mel Schwartz, LCSW

#017: Word Hacking – Eight Common Words That Disrupt Our Lives and Relationships

Our words matter. They matter far more than we likely understand.

In this episode of the Possibility Podcast, Mel Schwartz introduces eight common words we use in most sentences and which occur in most of our thoughts. These words wreak havoc in our relationships and block our personal growth. They also keep us stuck in a seventeenth century worldview which dehumanizes us and keeps us stuck in victimhood.

Listen to this episode to discover those eight words, learn to limit their use, and adopt ways to hack your vocabulary to gain better control over your self-image, your relationships, and your life to actualize reaching your possibilities.

Mel recently presented a TEDx talk on this topic which will be available to view this January.

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Liz Hill

Mel, this hit close to home. I recently had an argument with a close friend this past weekend over messenger text. I just looked over our conversation after listening to this and wouldn’t you know that many of the 8 words you mentioned were used by BOTH OF US. “Was,” “were” and “being” took the cake. It all plays into the sense of being stuck in a fixed state and playing victim. We got nowhere using these in our communication. It simply fired us up. I’m going to plaster these words on a sticky note and be more aware of using them in my life. Thanks for the great podcast.

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