Mel Schwartz, LCSW

#005: Mel Schwartz Interviewed on the Science of Success Podcast

In this bonus episode Mel is interviewed by Matt Bodnar on The Science of Success Podcast.

Matt, a truly gifted interviewer, prompts Mel to share the evolution of his thinking and how he came to distill some principles of quantum physics into a guide for living with resilience and self-empowerment.

He asks Mel, “How is it possible that the laws of physics hold lessons that could help us redefine our relationship with anxiety and suffering and open the door to possibility?”

Mel and Matt talk about the implications of this new worldview and how profoundly it can benefit our lives. Mel shares the insights he’s garnered from his work as a psychotherapist in helping people overcome anxiety and depression and achieve mastery of their thinking through this process.

This episode is chock full of really unique opportunities to engage our transformative process. You don’t need to be good at science or a math wizard to appreciate what Mel is sharing. He makes it really accessible and easy to use.

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