Mel Schwartz, LCSW

#025: Relationship Resilience During Coronavirus Confinement

Even in the best of times, recurring relationship conflicts and frustrating communications can feel daunting. During the coronavirus pandemic confinement, these challenges can feel even more overwhelming. But as always, crisis creates – and often opens – the door to new opportunities.

The habitual default in the battle of right vs. wrong decimates relationships and destroys compassion, empathy and love. There is a way through this impasse, however. Mel shares a breakthrough that came to him in the midst of a couple’s session he was conducting that led him to what he calls The 5% Rule.

This technique allows us to slow down, listen and validate each other. In turn, we focus not on facts or argumentation but on feelings and perspectives. The 5% Rule enables the energy of conflict to subside and the opportunity for meaningful dialogue to ensue.

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