The Possibility Podcast With Mel Schwartz Episode 014: How to Achieve and Sustain Happiness

We all want to be happy, but most of us struggle in this endeavor. In this episode of The Possibility Podcast, Mel explores the elusive nature of happiness, which is typically dependent upon future events. He calls this phenomenon I’ll be happy when…

Mel shares that genuine happiness can only occur in the moment that you’re in and requires a transcendent experience of being truly present.

He proposes that bliss occurs when we’re fully immersed in connectivity with ourselves, with others, and the universe at large. Mel explains how our conflicted, angry or fearful thoughts preclude happiness, and how the emerging worldview of quantum inseparability fosters compassion and empathy.

He interviews Rick Blatter of Go Happiness, a wellness and happiness expert, to dialogue around this most essential topic. If you’d like to experience and sustain more happiness in your life don’t miss this episode of The Possibility Podcast!

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