Mel Schwartz, LCSW

#011: Rethinking Our Relationships (Mel Interviewed on the What Matters Most Podcast)

In this bonus episode Mel is interviewed by Paul Samuel Dolman, the talented host of the What Matters Most podcast. Paul explores Mel’s insights and perspectives about why we struggle in our relationships and how we can thrive in our relations.

Mel shares that our approach to relationship — and our expectations — underscore the inevitable problems. When we subordinate our passion and emotional connectivity — the essence of a lovingly, intimate coupling — into a predictable routine we destroy the fiber of the relationship. We begin to retreat from the sense of oneness from which we likely began the union.

Certainty and predictability nullify and vanquish the adventure of love. Sadly, committed relationships tend to seek routine and certainty. By embracing rather than avoiding uncertainty, we can keep the energy of the relationship percolating. As Oscar Wilde said, “The very essence of romance is uncertainty.”

In this episode’s conversation, which was inspired by this article, Mel shares with Paul a radically new suggestion for what it is we should commit to in our relationships.

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