The President’s Psyche

Once a year, the president is required to have their annual physical check up. We want to assure ourselves that our leader is in proper working order; at least physically. Our orientation toward the physical at the cost of ignoring the psychological/emotional is both short sighted and potentially calamitous. We are at far greater risk of disaster due to a president’s emotional distress or psychological disorder than from disease or even a heart attack. A competent vice-president is at least theoretically able to step in as an able replacement. But the consequences of executive actions derived from a challenged psyche could literally end life on this planet.

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Flip Flopping

Flip FlopsThe term flip-flopper generally evokes notions of politician’s charges against one another as they change their positions on issues. It suggests that one or the other is being hypocritical as they are altering their positions as it becomes politically expedient to do so. During the Bush-Kerry campaign, the Republicans were the aggressor more often in using this tactic.

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