Patriotism need not be blind

Patriotism is broadly defined as one’s love and devotion to their country. The political arena magnifies charges of a candidate as either being patriotic or the converse. Two days before the 2008 presidential election John McCain is attempting to paint Barack Obama as less than patriotic. This charge is levied because of Obama’s recent comment about feeling his faith in America had been vindicated after his primary win in Iowa.

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Barack was Wrong–There are Two Americas

Early in his primary campaign Barack Obama urged that there wasn’t a blue America and a red America, but one America. His exhortations toward unity, transcending a split country were inspiring. His was a fresh mindset that seemed to catapult the divisions of us vs them, right against wrong. Recent events have caused me to reconsider this belief.

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Flip Flopping

Flip FlopsThe term flip-flopper generally evokes notions of politician’s charges against one another as they change their positions on issues. It suggests that one or the other is being hypocritical as they are altering their positions as it becomes politically expedient to do so. During the Bush-Kerry campaign, the Republicans were the aggressor more often in using this tactic.

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