Mel Schwartz, LCSW

#047: Why the Need to Be Right Is So Destructive

The latest in Mel’s multiple-part podcast series to accompany his virtual course, Cultivating Intimate and Resilient Relationships, the Possibility Podcast episode 047 is all about the why the need to be right in a relationship is so destructive.

In this lean, insightful, and actionable essay, Mel reveals…

  • How a retreat from oneness between people leads to a destructive “right and wrong” perspective
  • Why a five second pause can defuse unproductive reactions
  • How to turn the tide of negative energy in order to have collaborative, empathic engagement
  • The minefield of “to be” verbs
  • The invitation inherent in a subjective approach to your partner

In future episodes in the series, Mel will dive deeper into other relationship specifics, providing an excellent precursor to the live course, Cultivating Intimate and Resilient Relationships, which will launch April 5, 2022 and include four weekly live sessions. Enroll now and reserve your spot!

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