Most people understand how they have come to be where they are. The question is: How do we get there from here and what does there look like?

My approach to therapy is non-conventional in that I focus more on clarity and change than on reductive analysis and diagnosis. I engage my clients in a supportive, compassionate and co-participatory manner.

I’m very passionate about my calling and devote all of my intelligence, experience and caring to provide an exceptional therapeutic experience for those with whom I work.

People often ask me if it’s possible to change. If you’re motivated and devoted to our therapy process, it’s impossible not to change.

I fervently believe in the potential of the individuals with whom I work; my mission is to summon forth that potential.

Mel Schwartz
Job Title
Psychotherapist & Marriage Counselor
Mel Schwartz Psychotherapy & Marriage Counseling
177 Post Rd. West, Suite 4,Westport, CT 06880