Mel Schwartz, LCSW

Marriage Counselor Dumbo NYC

Welcome to the practice of Mel Schwartz, a highly experienced and distinguished marriage counselor and therapist offering his services by Zoom. Mel provides marriage counseling to discerning couples looking to thrive in their relationships.

Over his 25+ years of relationship counseling and couples therapy, Mel has pioneered a singular and highly effective therapeutic approach, enabling people to prosper in resilient relationships. His bespoke approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of his clients, enabling a path toward success. Mel is committed to assisting individuals, couples, and families in overcoming relationship difficulties and embracing personal growth.

If you’ve ever thought, “I should find a marriage counselor or therapist near me,” your location doesn’t need to limit your search. Mel works with individuals and couples from the comfort of their own home by Zoom.

Mel's Message

We all want to feel loved, but sadly we struggle. Our relationships often begin with great promises of happiness and love, but the positive energy fades all too soon. Over time, you may have acclimated to boredom, mediocrity or conflict. Resigning yourself to this discontent can lead to depression, anxiety, resentment, and despair. You deserve better.

I believe that our relationship challenges are often due to our lack of education in this most precious undertaking. It’s a shame that the pillars of relationship weren’t part of our education, but why not learn them now?

You and your partner can learn the skills and strategies required to thrive. My work in couple’s counseling is focused on providing the clarity, insights and communication expertise for you to succeed in your partnering. I’ll help you learn and cultivate the 5 pillars of resilient relationships.

The 5 Pillars of Resilient Relationships

  • Emotional, verbal and physical intimacy
  • Compassion & empathy
  • Communication expertise
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Trust

How Mel Practices

My passion for understanding relationships at the deepest level and optimizing effective and intimate communication skills drive my ethic. I’ve written two books, given 2 TEDx talks, host The Possibility Podcast and wrote over 100 articles on these subjects. Please take an opportunity to sample these resources.

My style is warm and participatory, yet educational and motivational at the same time My work is my passion. I’ve never been accused of being a traditional therapist as I constantly seek new paths toward success.  I engage every couple and every individual from a sense of wonder and curiosity as I come to appreciate the unique tapestry of your life and your relationship. My goal is to get you from here to there.

Relationship Issues Treated

  • Infidelity
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Parenting
  • Sexual Intimacy
  • Trust Issues
  • Verbal, emotional, and physical abuse
  • Blended families
  • Navigating wealth challenges
  • Addiction Issues
  • Life transitions
  • Grief

Communication is the heartbeat of relationships.

What we call the relationship is a tapestry of a vast array of events, narratives, patterns and complexities of each person’s life. Untangling and appreciating each person’s life dramas enables both people to free themselves from knee jerk reactivity.

Services Offered

Marriage and Couples Counseling

Individual Therapy

Family Therapy

Books from Mel Schwartz

In The Possibility Principle, psychotherapist Mel Schwartz shares his revolutionary approach to integrating the core principles of quantum theory – inseparability, potentiality, and uncertainty – into an accessible and practical method for personal empowerment.

The ability to move beyond our fears and obstacles frees us to enjoy the riches of intimate relationships. We all deserve the treasure of loving intimacy. This book is devoted to that purpose.

Mel’s Areas of Expertise

Marriage Counseling

  • Teaching emotional intelligence, the foundation for resilient relationships for life
  • Fostering emotional and verbal intimacy
  • Providing extraordinary communication skills
  • Assisting both individuals to truly listen and validate
  • Building trust through deep emotional and verbal intimacy
  • Creating and actualizing a shared relationship vision
  • Divorce counseling

Individual Psychotherapy

  • Overcoming anxiety, stress and depression
  • Building authentic self-esteem
  • Finding meaning and purpose
  • Executive coaching
  • Grief counseling
  • Life transitions
  • Relationship challenges
  • Divorce
Mel’s therapy sessions offer a safe environment where couples and individuals can openly discuss difficult emotions, relationship problems, and work collaboratively toward solutions. His clinical training and experience as an experienced couples therapist make him adept at guiding clients through the nuances of their relationships.

About Mel Schwartz

Mel Schwartz LCSW is a licensed marriage counselor, psychotherapist and family therapist who earned his graduate degree from Columbia University. He is the author of: The Art of Intimacy, The Pleasure of Passion, and The Possibility Principle: How Quantum Physics Can Improve the Way You Think, Live and Love. Mel is a 2xTEDx speaker and has written over 100 articles read by over 8 million people. He is the host of The Possibility Podcast, streamed in over 65 countries and a member of The Forbes Coaches Council. Mel has given talks in numerous venues including keynote talks at Yale University and Yale Medical School Smilow Wellness and is a member of the International Society for Consciousness Studies.

Identifying When to Seek Marriage Counseling

Recognizing when to seek marriage counseling is a crucial step in salvaging and nurturing a relationship. Here are key indicators that consulting a marriage counselor like Mel Schwartz could be beneficial:

  1. Consistent : If you find that miscommunications are a regular occurrence, leading to frustration and unresolved disputes, it’s a sign to consider some professional help and guidance.
  2. Repetitive Conflicts: When you’re caught in a loop of the same arguments without any resolution, it’s indicative of deeper issues that may need a counselor’s intervention.
  3. Feeling of Distance: If you or your partner feel emotionally detached or disconnected, it could signal underlying issues in the relationship.
  4. Difficulty with Trust: Whether dealing with the aftermath of infidelity or ongoing doubts, trust issues are a significant sign that counseling could help.
  5. Challenges During Life Changes: Significant life changes like job transitions or welcoming a new family member can strain a relationship, where counseling can provide support and strategies.
  6. Reduction in Intimacy: A noticeable decline in both physical and emotional intimacy can suggest deeper relationship problems.
  7. Consideration of Separation: If thoughts of separation or divorce are surfacing, counseling can provide a space to explore these feelings and potential paths forward.
  8. Effect on Mental Well-being: If relationship troubles are impacting your or your partner’s mental health, counseling can address the individual and collective issues.
  9. Influence on Children: Noticing that relationship issues are affecting children is a clear indicator that counseling may be beneficial.
  10. Lack of Conflict Resolution: Inability to resolve disagreements in a healthy way is a key sign that counseling can provide necessary skills and strategies.

Focus Areas in Mel Schwartz’s Therapy Practice

Mel Schwartz’s therapy practice in Dumbo, NYC, specializes in a diverse range of focus areas to assist couples and individuals in enhancing their relationships:

  1. Building Communication Skills: A primary focus is to develop and enhance the way couples communicate, aiming to improve mutual understanding and problem-solving.
  2. Addressing Emotional Wounds: Providing support for couples to work through past hurts and emotional scars that are impacting their current relationship.
  3. Guidance Through Changes: Helping couples manage and grow through various life changes, ensuring these transitions contribute positively to the relationship.
  4. Deepening Intimacy: Aiding couples in exploring and enriching both their physical and emotional intimacy to strengthen their bond.
  5. Developing Healthy Conflict Management: Teaching couples effective methods to manage and resolve disputes, promoting a healthier, more respectful relationship dynamic.
  6. Rebuilding Trust: Specializing in helping couples rebuild trust, especially following incidents of betrayal or ongoing trust issues.
  7. Effective Co-Parenting Strategies: Assisting separated or divorced couples in establishing co-parenting arrangements that prioritize their children’s welfare.
  8. Coping with Individual Mental Health in Relationships: Tackling how personal mental health challenges like anxiety or depression affect romantic relationships.
  9. Facilitating Premarital Discussions: Offering engaged couples the tools and insights necessary for a strong start to their marriage, focusing on key aspects like communication and expectation setting.

Services Offered in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY

Mel Schwartz offers a comprehensive range of therapeutic services to the residents of Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY, focusing on fostering a healthy relationship dynamic, especially for couples seeking therapy drawing upon his extensive experience and empathetic approach:

  1. Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy: In his couples therapy sessions, as an experienced couples counselor, Mel focuses on helping couples enhance communication, deepen understanding, and resolve relationship issues. These sessions are specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by each couple. His marriage counseling work is designed to strengthen relationships, fostering a more fulfilling and emotionally connected partnership.
  2. Family Therapy: Mel provides therapy for families navigating internal conflicts or external challenges. He aims to cultivate healthy family dynamics, promoting open communication, and understanding among family members.
  3. Individual Therapy: Tackling personal challenges such as depression, anxiety, and major life transitions, Mel’s individual therapy sessions offer a supportive environment for personal growth, self-reflection, and healing.
  4. Premarital Counseling: Offering premarital counseling, Mel prepares couples for marriage by addressing key relationship aspects, setting expectations, and laying a foundation for a strong and lasting partnership.
  5. Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills Training: Mel equips couples with effective conflict resolution strategies and communication skills, essential for navigating the complexities of a relationship and fostering a healthier, more understanding partnership.

Mel Schwartz is deeply committed to serving the Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY community. His professional background as a licensed psychotherapist and marriage counselor, along with his client-centered approach, makes him a valuable ally for those seeking couples therapy with mental health professionals.

Navigating Relationship and Personal Challenges in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY

For individuals and couples in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY, relationship therapist Mel Schwartz offers expert counseling. Mel tailors his therapeutic approach to each client’s needs. Whether clients are seeking to improve communication, manage life transitions, or work through relationship issues, Mel’s goal is to facilitate a journey toward stronger, healthier connections and personal well-being.

Mel’s approach to therapy is empathetic and insightful. He focuses on understanding each partner’s perspective, fostering open dialogue, and helping couples break free from repetitive negative patterns. His sessions offer a safe and supportive environment where clients can openly discuss their feelings, explore underlying issues, and work collaboratively toward healing and growth.

Fostering Growth and Stronger Relationships

Mel Schwartz is dedicated to helping his clients achieve greater fulfillment in their relationships and personal lives. His counseling services are designed to foster personal growth, enhance connections, and support individuals and couples in their journeys toward a more rewarding life.

In addition to couples therapy, Mel offers individual therapy sessions focused on personal challenges such as anxiety, depression, and self-esteem. These sessions provide a supportive space for self-reflection, developing coping strategies, and pursuing personal growth and healing.

Contact Information and Scheduling

Residents of Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY, looking for a marriage counselor, couples therapist, or individual therapist can find professional support with Mel Schwartz. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about his services, contact Mel at:

Phone: [203-227-5010]
Physical Address: 246 Post Road East, Suite 275, Westport, CT 06880

Mel offers Zoom sessions for clients in Dumbo, ensuring flexibility and accessibility. Whether facing challenges in relationships, personal struggles, or seeking growth and understanding, Mel Schwartz’s expertise can guide you toward a healthier, more connected future.

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  7. Continue onto Brooklyn Bridge.
  8. Follow the same directions as above from Brooklyn Bridge.

From Empire Stores, Dumbo (53-83 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201)

  1. Start at Empire Stores in Dumbo.
  2. Head north on Water St toward Dock St.
  3. Turn right onto Dock St.
  4. Dock St turns slightly right and becomes Gold St.
  5. Turn left onto Tillary St.
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  7. Follow the same directions as above from Adams St to Brooklyn Bridge and then to I-95 N.
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