Life can be challenging, and it’s easy to feel trapped – by our circumstances, our personal history and conditioning, and our daily struggle to change. But what if we could break free from these constraints? Fortunately, an emerging worldview is providing us with the path to achieve just that!  Quantum physics reveals a world that is extraordinarily interconnected and exists in a state of pure potential. We, too, can live in that condition. In The Possibility Principle, psychotherapist Mel Schwartz shares his revolutionary approach to integrating the core principles of quantum theory – inseparability, potentiality, and uncertainty – into an accessible and practical method for personal empowerment.

In his groundbreaking book, Schwartz shares how to utilize a new way of thinking in our everyday lives, allowing us to transcend our limitations and open ourselves to infinite possibilities. The Possibility Principle explains how we can live the life we choose, free from the wounds of our past and the limitations of our beliefs and thoughts. 

Drawing from his vast body of research and dozens of client success stories, Schwartz shows us how to break through communication impasses, create resilient relationships, build authentic self-esteem, and overcome anxiety and depression. Filled with profound and applicable insights, The Possibility Principle will galvanize you to become the author of your life’s script.


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Caroline Myss author of Anatomy of the Spirit


Larry Dossey, MD, Author of  ONE MIND 


Marilyn Schlitz, Author of Death Makes Life Possible


Stanley Krippner author of Personal Mythology

“When we embrace the possibilities the quantum worldview offers us, we invite defining moments
—moments when we dare to venture into new terrain, transcending our struggles and actualizing new realities.”

The Possibility Principle will teach you how to:

  • Develop a mastery of your thinking, as you free yourself from the replication of old thought patterns
  • Utilize the concept of wave collapse to realize that you are not imprisoned by your genes, brain chemistry, or past traumas
  • Overcome anxiety and depression through a shift of mind
  • Thrive in resilient relationships and develop powerful communication skills that foster empowerment and intimate connection
  • Embrace uncertainty to ride the waves of personal change

“This book brilliantly applies the principles of quantum physics to our everyday life in a very personal and healing way. Mel shows us how to develop authentic self-esteem and thrive in our relationships by embracing this new worldview.”

Caroline Myss, Author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Defy Gravity

“The insights to be gained from The Possibility Principle are enormous as you will see. Mel Schwartz draws breathtaking parallels between the quantum reality and our human experience, revealing powerful lessons for living to our greatest potential. He shows that consciousness is fundamental, and that our minds and hearts are shared, as one. The implications for human welfare are profound.

Larry Dossey, MD, Author:  ONE MIND:  How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

“This handbook for life brings the inspiration of quantum uncertainty, interconnectedness, emergence, and entanglement into compelling practices to help each of us grow and heal. A seasoned clinician, Schwartz offers new perspectives on the power of our beliefs, worldviews, and intentions that can help us enter realms of unfolding possibilities.”

Marilyn Schlitz,PhD. Author of Death Makes Life Possible 

“The Possibility Principle is a beautifully written book on how we can live fully as we awaken from the stupor of Newton’s sleep. The benefits range from overcoming anxiety and depression to mastering our communication to thriving in our relationships!”

Allan Combs, PhD, Author of The Radiance of Being and Consciousness Explained Better


The Possibility Principle is profound yet reader-friendly, well-grounded but very, very wise. According to Mel Schwartz, our lives are in tatters as a result of clinging to 17th Century paradigms to cope with 21st century crises. His book, The Possibility Principle clearly describes the havoc wrought by a worldview that reinforces competition and separateness while neglecting compassion and cooperation.

Schwartz insists that humanity is playing out the wrong game plane and calls for nothing less than new ways of thinking that will turn around both individual lives and the world-at-large. This move from a deterministic, mechanistic worldview to one that is participatory has incredible implications for our personal lives and for our mental and emotional health, and the very foundations of society.”

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.Co-author PERSONAL MYTHOLOGY

Amazon Reviews

Get ready to change your life for the better.

“Mel Schwartz’s book is an absolute home run. Well-researched, logical, and filled with clinical examples that support his premise that quantum physics trumps mechanism, when it comes to the human condition, Schwartz leads you on an exciting new journey to achieve lasting happiness both with yourself and in relationship with others. I recommend it wholeheartedly”
Paul Lally

Simple explanation of quantum physics and how it applies to our everyday lives.

“I’m impressed with Mel’s work as a therapist. I’m a retired therapist and have received therapy myself. Working with him would have been more helpful than some of the therapy I received. But what I loved the most was his simple and understandable explanation of quantum physics and how it applies to our lives. I’m in a book study group and we chose this book and all of us are enjoying it a lot.”
Linda A. Marshall

All things are possible when you believe differently.

“I enjoyed this audio book it gives you excellent information on techniques on improving your awareness and thinking out of box.”
Rev. Charles A. Byrd

I loved it…

“I must say, “I loved it”! It cuts to the chase and kept me reading.”
Judy Komarek

Changed the way I see the universe.

“Changes the way I see the universe and everything in it. Made me more responsible in the way I navigate myself through my days.”
Irma Silver

One of the best. Amazing…. must read….

“I am a counselor and this author best expresses the modality of nonduality and misdiagnosis.”


“When we least expect it, we see how we can change the way we think and create our desired space in this world! Enjoy!”

Must Read: Healers, therapists and consciousness seekers.

“Brilliant! A MUST READ for anyone who seeks enlightenment and/or those in healing professions committed to helping others live fulfilled lives!”
Liz Jelenick


“This book found me at the right time, as I was feeling “stuck” in many areas of my life. Through Schwartz’s discussion of inseparability, uncertainty, and potentiality, I have come to embrace the concept that I am truly the captain of my own ship. This is a must-read for anyone finding him or herself stuck in old ways of thinking, feeling defeated by one’s past, and feeling unable to connect to the present. I’ve already recommended this book to some friends. This one is staying on my nightstand.”

Relevant and full of great anecdotes.

“A great self-help book that is straight-forward and easy to understand. I’m not someone who takes a lot of interest in science books but I found this one to be relevant without being boring. As a longtime therapist, the author also has some great anecdotes. Happy to be seeing the world a little different now and look forward to sharing with friends.”

A Must Read!

“I found this book to be extremely enlightening. The concept is unique and makes sense to me. I recommend this to anyone looking for a brighter tomorrow.”

About the Author

Mel is the author of The Possibility Principle: How Quantum Physics Can Improve the Way You Live, Think and Live and The Art of Intimacy, The Pleasure of Passion. He has written over 100 articles read by more than 2 million readers. Me earned his graduate degree from Columbia University. He practices psychotherapy and couples counseling in Westport, CT and NYC and globally by Skype.  Mel is one of the first contemporary practicing psychotherapists to distill the basic premises of quantum theory into therapeutic approaches, which enable people to overcome their challenges and live to their fullest potential. He presented a TEDx Beacon Street talk, Transcending Anxiety.





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