Mel Schwartz, LCSW


I find that being attached to a single therapeutic approach—psychoanalytic, Jungian, or cognitive behavioral therapy, for example—to be limiting and programmed. My perspectives have been greatly influenced by innovative thinkers from both in and outside of the field of psychotherapy.

My orientation is toward systems thinking, philosophy, humanistic values and the emerging sciences–in particular quantum physics–which have enabled me to allow me to develop an integrative approach into my practice. These methods are thoroughly delineated in my new book, The Possibility Principle.

My therapeutic engagement is tailored in a customized, bespoke way which provides me many tools in my toolbox. I trust that we’ll find the most effective method for you early in our work together.

I don’t diagnose my clients other than for insurance requirements. Diagnosing tends to turn people into objects. We all struggle at times and I resist the practice of labeling and pathologizing people. Over simplification–the earmark of diagnoses–leads to critical errors of observation, which can be terribly dehumanizing.

I seek to help people transcend their limitations so they can live the life they deserve. I engage each new client, each new couple, with a sense of wonder and curiosity as I come to appreciate the complex tapestry of their lives.

My intention is to connect with empathy yet offer insight, guidance and new skills at times. I invite you into a co-participatory yet compassionate process as I help clarify and facilitate your path forward. I use all of the skills, experience, and knowledge available to me to ensure that you’ll achieve your goals.

Freeing yourself from the limiting experiences and imprint of your past is altogether achievable. I believe in everyone’s potential and devote myself to helping people manifest their possibilities. My work is my most passionate calling. I am proactive and share any part of my own journey that may be helpful in assisting others.

If you have a goal you wish to achieve and have the willful intention to do so, there’s no reason not to succeed.