The Possibility Podcast With Mel Schwartz Episode 032: Bonus Episode — The End of Reality: The Consequences of a Truth-Less and Fact-Less World

In this bonus episode Mel joins with Paul Samuel Dolman on his podcast What Matters Most.

Recorded the day after the 2020 Presidential election, with the presidential outcome hanging in the balance, Mel and Paul move into issues that run much deeper than the political divide.

Mel catalyzes a conversation around the dystopian consequences of living in a reality-free and truth-less world. He proposes that a world in which there aren’t consensual “truths” could very well unravel society as we know it. Mel says, “The predicate of truth lies at the heart of relationships, business and governance.”

Mel and Paul suggest that when people simply adhere to their beliefs without critical thinking, polarization becomes the inevitable result. Choosing to believe what lies within our comfort zone without scrutiny propels a fact-free culture.

Through the conversation, Mel shares some initial steps we can take toward restoring the cultural imperative of telling the truth.

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