Mel offers keynote speaking, corporate trainings, workshops, salon talks and retreat immersions. His presentations are bespoke and customized to the needs and goals of each particular audience.

Mel Schwartz enlightened our audience with the possibilities that await them by opening to his insights.— Beverly Lewis, Smilow Wellness Yale New Haven Hospital

There is nothing more powerful than a new way of thinking—a shift of mind.
My mission is to cultivate those defining moments in which you can actualize new possibilities.

A Few Topics

Change a Word – Change Your Life
8 Words That Will Block your Growth, Limit your Self-Esteem and Damage your Relationships

A handful of words that we use in virtually every sentence imprison our growth— limit our self-worth— and keep us feeling stuck. These words disrupt our critical conversations. They entrap us in the mind-numbing right vs. wrong arguments that block  new learning, empathy and compassion, destroying the vitality of our relationships.

In this talk, Mel will share a breakthrough way to master our communication skills—allowing us to get unstuck —in our relationship with our self and with others. He will introduce a 21st century approach to communicating, one which aligns with the discoveries of the quantum physics. This breakthrough communication skill is a major theme in Mel’s new book, The Possibility Principle. He will be presenting a TEDx talk at MIT on this subject shortly.

Getting Unstuck: Embracing Uncertainty to Overcome Anxiety and Distress

We suffer from an epidemic of anxiety in our culture. This distress has an incalculable impact on us personally and for the corporate environment. Thankfully this affliction can be overcome. In this presentation Mel shares the illuminating methods he’s developed to help you live a resilient and self-empowered life.

Mel utilizes the uncertainty principle‑ which he distills from quantum physics theory‑ to free you from the habitual beliefs and thoughts that misinform and imprison you. Mel will highlight a bold new way of thinking, one that liberates you from your past as you open to new possibilities. His TEDx talk, Breaking Free from Anxiety highlights his approach.

The Art of Dialogue and Coherent Thinking

With few exceptions we struggle in our ability to communicate effectively. Our superficial exchanges leave the deeper meaning and intention of our words obscured. From this limitation breakthroughs become the exception. Most conversations resemble serial monologues— limiting insights, generativity and productivity. This results in impeding personal and organizational growth leading to gridlock

Genuine dialogue provided by our Online Peer Support Group teaches us how to temporarily suspend our beliefs and quiet our thoughts as we learn the art of listening— enabling a profoundly generative learning experience. Participating in a shared inquiry fosters powerful insights and growth for individuals, corporations and organizations. Dialogue is the pathway to the art of thinking together.

How to Develop Authentic Self-Esteem

Low self-worth has immeasurable impact on both the individual, their relationships and the organization that employs them. The concept of self-esteem is terribly misunderstood and often confused with success, approval or the appearance of confidence. We are taught to pursue these external markers, which leave us seeking what is ironically other-esteem.

Behind the mask of strength often lies self-doubt and insecurity, leading to a vast array of troubling consequences. Acting strong is acting, whereas learning to embrace vulnerability allows us to truly become strong. This talk will reveal the pathway toward developing authentic self-esteem. This is an essential tool for effective leadership.

Developing Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Life can be challenging as adversity and crises are likely to occur from time to time. These challenges arise in our personal life and in our jobs, but distress knows no compartments as it washes over us. Resilience speaks to our ability to navigate this turmoil as we bounce back. Learning to develop the mindset to reach this buoyancy is an exceptional skill that enables us to see opportunity on the other side of crisis. This talk will teach you the shift of mind necessary to become a resilient person.

Cultivating the Pillars of Leadership

Great leaders communicate with singular effectiveness. This fundamental pillar of leadership is cultivated by emotional intelligence and the ability to connect with others and inspire them. Developing a clarity of communication fostered through empathy and sensitivity are the primary skills required to reach the summit of leadership.

The second pillar of leadership acumen demands authenticity—an exceptional quality that earmarks true leaders. These individuals embrace and navigate uncertainty as they lead in a participatory way, motivating those around them to follow in their path.

The belief that great leaders are born that way is not necessarily true. Becoming a leader requires developing your own inner well-being. This talk will provide the skills necessary to become great leaders.

Detoxing Your Mind

The most important relationship you will ever have isn’t with your parents, your children, your spouse. The relationship that will impact you far more than any other is with your thoughts. They are your constant companion. – The Possibility Principle

Many people participate in cleanse programs to eliminate toxins they’ve accumulated over their lifetime. As well, vast numbers of us work out regularly, tending to our physical wellbeing. But there’s a most important aspect of ourselves that we ignore—the health and vigor of our minds. Nothing is as important as freeing our minds from the false and limiting thoughts that disrupt our lives, our relationships and frustrate our professional aspirations. These habitual thoughts confine us to being a character in the script of our life.

In this talk Mel will demonstrate how to develop a mastery of your thinking, enabling you to achieve the changes you’re seeking. By learning to see your old beliefs and thoughts and detach from them you become free to navigate the life you choose. Mel will teach you the techniques he’s developed that enable you to release your past, overcome self-doubt and fear and blaze a new path.

About the Author

Mel Schwartz LCSW, MPhil is a psychotherapist, speaker, leadership innovator, communications pioneer and c-suite executive coach. He is an emerging voice in the field of personal transformation. Mel’s new book, The Possibility Principle: How Quantum Physics Can Improve the Way You Think, Live and Love has been critically acclaimed by numerous best-selling authors.

For more than 20 years he has been teaching emergent ways of thinking and communicating. Mel is one of the first thought leaders to integrate the principles of quantum physics into a new methodology to achieve a mastery of thinking and facilitate deeper and more coherent levels of communication. Mel has written over 100 articles read by over 3 million people. His TEDx talk, Breaking Free from Anxiety, has attracted much attention.

He earned his graduate degree from Columbia University and has recently presented his approaches at Yale University and Smilow Wellness Yale New Haven. Mel is a member of the Society for Consciousness Studies. The Possibility Podcast with Mel Schwartz debuted in January, 2019. He has been interviewed frequently on radio, television and podcasts.

Mel believes that every one of us has an opportunity to experience the life we choose—if we are willing to challenge our worldview, our beliefs and our thoughts.

Praise for The Possibility Principle

“This book brilliantly applies the principles of quantum physics to our everyday life in a very personal and healing way. Mel shows us how to develop authentic self-esteem and thrive in our relationships by embracing this new worldview.”

Caroline Myss, Author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Defy Gravity

“This handbook for life brings the inspiration of quantum uncertainty, interconnectedness, emergence, and entanglement into compelling practices to help each of us grow and heal. A seasoned clinician, Schwartz offers new perspectives on the power of our beliefs, worldviews, and intentions that can help us enter realms of unfolding possibilities.”

Marilyn Schlitz,PhD. Author of Death Makes Life Possible

“The insights to be gained from The Possibility Principle are enormous as you will see. Mel Schwartz draws breathtaking parallels between the quantum reality and our human experience, revealing powerful lessons for living to our greatest potential. He shows that consciousness is fundamental, and that our minds and hearts are shared, as one. The implications for human welfare are profound.

Larry Dossey, MD, Author:  ONE MIND:  How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

The Possibility Principle is profound yet reader-friendly, well-grounded but very, very wise. According to Mel Schwartz, our lives are in tatters as a result of clinging to 17th Century paradigms to cope with 21st century crises. His book, The Possibility Principle clearly describes the havoc wrought by a worldview that reinforces competition and separateness while neglecting compassion and cooperation.

Schwartz insists that humanity is playing out the wrong game plane and calls for nothing less than new ways of thinking that will turn around both individual lives and the world-at-large. This move from a deterministic, mechanistic worldview to one that is participatory has incredible implications for our personal lives and for our mental and emotional health, and the very foundations of society.”

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.Co-author PERSONAL MYTHOLOGY

“The Possibility Principle is a beautifully written book on how we can live fully as we awaken from the stupor of Newton’s sleep. The benefits range from overcoming anxiety and depression to mastering our communication to thriving in our relationships!”

Allan Combs, PhD, Author of The Radiance of Being and Consciousness Explained Better