Mel Schwartz, LCSW

Somewhere… Over the Rainbow

The passing of Tim Russert inspired a very unqiue and extraordinary response in so many of us. He truly integrated so many core features of a life well lived. His balance, expressed through his passion, incorporated his zeal for his profession, his friends and of course, his family. One aspect didn’t suffer for his attention to another. This is a gift well worth emulating. And a lesson, perhaps, in the art of living well. The word, integrity is often used to describe Mr. Russert. Integrity suggests a quality of wholeness, or a lack of splintering or fragmenting. His life was devoted to such qualities of wholeness.

At the conclusion of his funeral service in D.C. a ukele played the song, Somewhere over the Rainbow, capturing the spirit of Tim’s life. And then, an extraordinary event unfolded. A brillliant rainbow emblazoned the horizon over the city. I would never marginalize such wonder by calling it a mere coincidence. Nor would I necessarily concur with Tom Brokaw’s reference to Tim’s hand in this. This phenomena dramatically captures the essence of synchronicity.

Syncronicity occurs when two events, one on the level  of the psyche and the other in the realm of the material or physical world, unfold as one event. In such circumstances, there is no direct cause and effect. In other words, a non-rational and non-linear event occurs. Furthermore, there is a deep, resonating meaning to these events. Space and time briefly collapse, and the universe is as one. There is a wholeness and an integrity to such a process, as there was in Tim Russert’s life.

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