Mel Schwartz, LCSW

The Possibility Podcast

The Possibility Podcast with Mel Schwartz shares how we can open up to our infinite possibilities - by embracing a new way of thinking. He illuminates the principles he introduces in his book, The Possibility Principle, that enable us to ride the waves of uncertainty, freeing ourselves from our limitations. The Possibility Podcast explores relationships, self-esteem, fear, anxiety, love, leadership and much more. Join Mel as he presents an exciting new way of thinking, relating, and communicating to help you live your life to the fullest.

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J Benefico

Great Info & Motivating

Mel’s podcasts are motivating and make me think differently about myself and the world. This podcast builds a healthier mind, that’s for sure! Quarantine was hard and this podcast helped me a lot. Great podcast Mel. I look forward to more!

K Moss

Big Fan of this Podcast!

I’m a big fan of Mel’s positive attitude and how he uses insight as a well-known psychotherapist, marriage counselor, TEDx speaker, and author to give his listeners direct, one-on-one conversations with everyday people. He has a really exciting new way of thinking and really shows me the possibilities that I can achieve if I simply put my mind to it!

F Makoni

I’m Embracing the Unknown!!

I never used to suffer from anxiety, but moving from Africa to a big city like New York, away from family and in the midst of a pandemic, really took its toll. Mel helped me sort through my anxiety by helping me embrace not knowing what the future holds, and as corny as it sounds, living in the moment. I am now grateful for the opportunity to hustle and bustle in the Big Apple, and can finally soak in how blessed I am.

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