Mel Schwartz, LCSW

Keep it Vibrating

A Recent New York Times science article informed that if concrete is kept vibrating, it won’t become set and retains a liquid form. This concept intrigued me and I considered that perhaps the same might occur with our thinking. Keeping our thinking in the process of vibrating would suggest, metaphorically that we wouldn’t fall prey to dogma or “concretizing” our beliefs. Moreover, our learning would be in a perpetual condition of evolving.

The absence of mental vibration predisposes us to get stuck in a virtual groove of thought, and hence, experience. From such a fixed state, we struggle with change. To vibrate in such a manner is to engage perpetual questioning; but not from a point of insecurity, doubt or analysis. The goal is to embrace an open minded inclination to wonder to oneself. A relationship with inquiry paves the way for such vibrating. Inquiring minds seek new questions rather than longing for answers. The answer ends the inquiry and the vibration halts. Reaching temporary and relative answers for awhile, a resting place if you will is fine. But embracing the quest for new considerations keeps the movement alive.

Learning to engage paradox stretches the mind beyond the limits of logic and rationality which so constrain us. Conjecture, re-framing and preparing for shifting insights are the vehicles for such oscillations. Learning to suspend our assumptions and beliefs and reevaluate them become the vehicles for such shifts. Since reality presents as an inexorable flow, it might be wise to align our thinking as such.

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Fascinating. Wanna read more about it. How long did you write it??

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