Introducing the Self-Esteem Workshop


The Self-Esteem Workshop

An Interactive, Live Videoconference

Beginning Tuesday, August 13th at 7pm EDT


Mel-SchwartzLow self-esteem can decimate your life and relationships. It can also manifest as anxiety, depression, or ADHD. Regardless of the form it takes, low self-esteem will certainly limit your life.


But it can be overcome.


To learn more about the Self-Esteem Workshop, please visit


Praise for Mel’s approach on the topic of self-esteem:

“Your work with me has helped my self-esteem grow in unimaginable ways. Thanks so much.”

                  – Stan

“Awesome! You beautifully articulated a complex problem that has a simple cause, effective treatment, and positive outcomes!”

– Daron

“Gaining more insight into my ‘self-esteem and other esteem’ truly has helped me gain more understanding to work through some emotional pain I’ve been holding onto for awhile. Your discussions have really validated my feelings and I’m now feeling more empowered with more inner strength.”

– Carey

“As someone who considers herself a Class-A Doormat, it’s highly encouraging to know that the road to self respect and assertiveness starts with the ability to acknowledge that your opinion is on equal footing with everyone else’s; that the manipulation of someone else’s opinion into a judgment upon yourself is a self-inflicted wound.”

– Kaitlyn


– Amber

“Great [work], Mel. When you work in the creative arts, this way of thinking is so useful.”

– Eli

“You’re so right. Thanks for sharing.”

    – Maika


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