Mel Schwartz, LCSW

Flip Flopping

The term flip-flopper generally evokes notions of politician’s charges against one another as they change their positions on issues. It suggests that one or the… Continue reading Flip Flopping

Somewhere… Over the Rainbow

The passing of Tim Russert inspired a very unqiue and extraordinary response in so many of us. He truly integrated so many core features of a… Continue reading Somewhere… Over the Rainbow

If marriage were a corporation, it would be bankrupt

The fact that more than half of marriages end in divorce is actually the lesser problem. The more telling consideration is that the majority of… Continue reading If marriage were a corporation, it would be bankrupt

The Familiar Zone

What we refer to as our comfort zone becomes at times not quite so comfortable, as it is familiar. Old habits and behaviors that we… Continue reading The Familiar Zone

Uncertainty: Our Great Liberator

Certainty and predictability, the dominant motifs of Newton’s worldview are deeply rooted in our culture and in our thinking. These deterministic features are sought after… Continue reading Uncertainty: Our Great Liberator

What is Emergent Thinking?

Emergent Thinking (R) is a transformative  process that I have developed to assist people in their personal evolution and self-actualization. The foundation of this approach is… Continue reading What is Emergent Thinking?