The Possibility Podcast Episode 001: From Being to Becoming

In this debut episode of the Possibility Podcast, host Mel Schwartz shares the nature of what he calls defining moments.

These are the moments in which we can break free from our past and navigate new life experiences. Mel personally shares a couple defining moments from his own past as guide for us.

Mel explains that when we commit to insights with a willful intention, breakthroughs occur. This is the place where our possibilities lie. He describes why we’ve been living from the wrong game plan of life as we become addicted to certainty, which leads to fear and anxiety and lays out the new game plan for life. This new worldview which Mel embraces and teaches is informed by the remarkable insights from an emerging worldview.

He explains the nature of our beliefs and how we might start to release them, so we can free ourselves from their limitations. He illuminates this process of getting unstuck as we shift from a state of being into the flow of becoming.

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